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Pale Moon苍月浏览器(网络浏览器) 20.2 简体中文版 x64位

苍月浏览器Pale Moon简体中文64位版本是知名火狐修改版浏览器。Pale Moon修改版提升了浏览器性能,减少内存占用并增加了对64位处理器的支持,并对现有的Firefox配置、书签和扩展提供完美支持。该版本基于Firefox最新正式版开发,64位版也同步更新。

Changes in Pale Moon 20.0.1:
* Per-window Private Browsing. Learn more.
* Panel-based download manager. See the detailed changelog for more information.
* Ability to close hanging plugins, without the browser hanging.
* Performance improvements related to common browser tasks.
* Pale Moon specific Cairo performance fix for scaling/panning/zooming of HTML5 drawing surfaces.
* Pale Moon specific fixes for performance of drawing elements (gradients, etc.).
* HTML5 canvas now supports blend modes.
* Various HTML5 audio and video improvements.
* Update of the Status Bar code to work with the new code base.
* ECMAScript for XML (E4X) is kept available for add-ons. Note that this will be removed in future versions as E4X is obsolete.
* Developer tools have been enabled by default, considering the code is practically impactless unless actually used.
* Theming has been worked on to provide better contrast on glass/dark themes and to work around styling issues present in v19.
* Updated fallback character sets to Windows-1252.
* Restored legacy function key handling (uplifted from Firefox 22).
* Fixed UNC path handling (Chemspill Firefox 20.0.1).
* Always enable the use of personas, also in Private Browsing mode.
* Experimental: support for H.264 videos (disabled by default)
Security fixes relevant to Pale Moon:
* MFSA 2013-30 A fairly large number of memory safety hazards (crashes/corruption/injection).
* MFSA 2013-31 Out-of-bounds write in Cairo library (CVE-2013-0800)
* MFSA 2013-34 Privilege escalation through Mozilla Updater (CVE-2013-0797)
* MFSA 2013-36 Bypass of SOW protections allows cloning of protected nodes (CVE-2013-0795)
* MFSA 2013-37 Bypass of tab-modal dialog origin disclosure (structural fix)
* MFSA 2013-38 Cross-site scripting (XSS) using timed history navigations (CVE-2013-0793)
* MFSA 2013-39 Memory corruption while rendering grayscale PNG images (CVE-2013-0792)
* MFSA 2013-40 Crash fix: Out-of-bounds array read in CERT_DecodeCertPackage (CVE-2013-0791)


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